Do I need a survey?

When finding the perfect home it’s easy to be enticed by the
look and feel of your dream home before you understand its
condition and build

You may want to safeguard that the building is solid
or detect defects and determine the extent of any repairs that
are required. That’s why it’s worth requesting a detailed
report of for probably the most important purchase you’ll
ever make! Would you buy a car without an MOT is a good

Choosing Right

Our partner surveyors will advise you on the most suitable survey for the property you are purchasing.

There are two main types of survey;

1: Homebuyer Report and

2: Building Survey.

They will look at the property online initially and advise you which report will be most suitable for you. We will then arrange for the surveyor to go to the property and undertake the appropriate survey.


Arrange Your Survey Now!

You can book your survey any day of the week from one of over 350 RICS Surveyors Just Call 0844 656 8212 or speak with you local branch in Grantham, Newark or Boston.

Why pay for a property survey?

A mortgage valuation is not a survey and is for the lender’s purposes only. A valuation report tells you little about the condition, and it won’t necessarily point out structural problems that you may have to pay to fix further down the line.

House surveys go into detail about the condition of a property, it’s defects and how to fix them, with the level of detail dependant on the type of property survey that you choose & they are completed by RICS accredited surveyors.

20% of buyers get a professional survey prior to purchasing their new home. Which means 80% of buyers are taking a big risk. There is a misconception that they are costly and not worth the effort. But requesting a survey can also mean avoiding lofty expenses and stress down the line.

According to The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), many buyers are unknowingly setting themselves up for an average £5,750 in repair bills on their new purchase!

So learn your property’s secrets. Some unpredictable problems such as rot, subsidence, and structural defects are hidden to the inexperienced eye and only apparent to a professionally qualified chartered surveyor. So to avoid a property with walls on the verge of collapse, or that’s built on a floodplain, and to be informed about upcoming repairs to the chimney chutes, extensive rewiring, or the type of glaze you’ll need, requesting a survey is a smart move.

Do surveyors work on behalf of both a buyer and a lender? This is a frequent misunderstanding of potential buyers, and the answer is NO! A Mortgage Valuation is conducted for the lender alone, and you need a more detailed report to protect YOUR interests.

At Secure My Sale we can also provide Home Reports for those looking to sell their property in Scotland.

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