Independent Financial Advice

Independent Financial Advice

We believe that taking that little bit more time to

fully understand your needs is vital to make the
whole process smoother for everyone involved.

Whatever the reason for your mortgage, our expert advisers can help. You may have a growing family and need to move to a bigger home, or your family may have now grown up leading you to consider down-sizing; alternatively, you may want to stay put and release equity from your property. Whether you are self-employed or a company director, their advisers’ knowledge of the mortgage market will ensure that you get the very best deal available. All of our brokers are based within our local branch network and are available to you even if you are not buying or selling a property with us. To find out more about our range of mortgage and financial services contact us in confidence on 0844 656 8212.

We have teamed up with various mortgage broker who will help you find the best mortgage adviser whilst incurring no extra cost.

This is likely to be the biggest financial commitment you have and we want to make sure you get the very best advice to help you make the right decisions.

  • You will be introduced to one of over 250 mortgage advisers to ensure you receive expert mortgage advice.
  • All of these advisers are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
  • You will not be charged a fee for the advice you receive.


Whether you are a first time buyer looking for a mortgage or whether you have had a mortgage before, we strongly recommend that you take the advice of an independent broker with access to the whole of the market. Our brokers, based within our local branch network and have access to more than 1,500 different mortgage products, so you can be sure we are able to find the right mortgage deal for you, no matter your circumstances.


There are a number of reasons you may be looking to re-mortgage your property. You may simply be looking to save money on your current mortgage arrangements by negotiating a better deal, or you may just be looking to release some equity to build that new extension. Whatever your reason, we strongly recommend that you take the advice of an independent financial advisor to make sure that you get the best deal based on your circumstances.

Buy to Let Mortgages

If you are looking at investing in property, you will need to consider a buy-to-let mortgage. Unlike normal mortgages, you are not just assessed on your affordability but also by a number of other factors, such as the minimum rental price for the property as well as any other properties you may have. By speaking with an independent broker, you will be able to assess and calculate the different buy-to-let mortgage products available to you.

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The mortgage market is constantly changing, with new deals and changing criteria for the best rates available, it is best to get the advice of an independent financial advisor who can search across the entire market to find the right product for you. We have teamed up with independent brokers to offer you a specialist, straight talking, mortgage solutions, to offer you complete impartial advice on a wide range of financial matters. You can book your free initial consultation by calling us on 0844 656 8212, or by emailing us at:


  • We have introducer agreements with some of the top mortgage firms in the UK. Ensuring that you get the very best advice.
  • We have over 250 regulated mortgage advisers and the most suitable one will be chosen depending on your individual circumstances including:
    • Buy to let
    • Non standard mortgage, property, credit history or income
    • Large mortgage
    • First time buyer
    • Buying overseas

Whether you are a first time buyer applying for a mortgage, re-mortgaging or securing a mortgage for an investment property, it is best to speak to an independent expert who will be able to guide you towards the right provider and mortgage that suits your individual needs. Independent financial advisors and mortgage brokers will take into consideration your personal circumstances, your plans for the future, the lending criteria set out by the banks and building societies and then source the best options from across the whole of the mortgage market that meet your requirements. By arranging the right mortgage for you from the outset will determine your budget and will put you in a strong negotiating position when you find your perfect property.

For free impartial mortgage advice and financial planning, you can speak to one of our independent financial advisors on 0844 656 8212.

Or contact your local branch for more information Grantham 01476 825258

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

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